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The Application of Permanent Magnet Motor in Rubber Extruder

2020-04-08 18:27:14


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Rubber extruder is the basic equipment in the rubber industry and one of the key equipment that affect product quality. It plays a very important role in the production of tires and rubber products. With the improvement of the performance requirements of the extrusion process and the advancement of the technologie de conduite, the drive system of the extruder has undergone many changes.

rubber extrusion with permanent magnet motors is very efficient.
Le variateur traditionnel utilise principalement un variateur de vitesse variable en continu avec moteur à courant continu.
Avec le développement de la technologie de l'électronique de puissance, des microprocesseurs et de la théorie moderne du contrôle, la technologie de régulation de la vitesse de conversion de fréquence CA a atteint un développement sans précédent. Ses caractéristiques remarquables rendent plus évidents les inconvénients de la régulation de vitesse DC. Par conséquent, la régulation de la vitesse de conversion de fréquence AC est extrudée dans du caoutchouc. C'est une tendance inévitable de remplacer la régulation de vitesse DC dans l'application de la machine. Au cours des 10 dernières années, la technologie de moteurs à aimants permanents a progressé à pas de géant, et diverses industries à forte consommation d'énergie ont adopté la technologie des moteurs à aimants permanents à entraînement à fréquence variable. En raison de leurs caractéristiques de haute efficacité, d'économie d'énergie et de protection de l'environnement, le domaine des entraînements a inauguré une nouvelle révolution technologique.
The application of permanent magnet motors in rubber extruders is mainly characterized by their role as a power source.

Specifically, the application of permanent magnet motor in rubber extruder has the following advantages:
Energy saving and cost effectiveness:
Rubber extruders need to work continuously and stably during the production process, so the energy efficiency of the motor directly affects the production cost. Permanent magnet motors are widely used in rubber extruders for their high energy efficiency. Their high efficiency energy conversion rate can significantly reduce energy consumption, thus lowering production costs.
In addition to direct energy savings, the efficient operation of permanent magnet motors also reduces the frequency and cost of equipment maintenance. This is due to their smooth operation, which reduces failures caused by mechanical vibration and wear.
Contrôle de haute précision :
Rubber extruders require precise control of parameters such as extrusion speed and pressure during production to ensure product quality. The high-precision control performance of permanent magnet motors can fulfill this need. Through precise current and voltage control, permanent magnet motors can realize precise speed and torque adjustment, thus ensuring the stability and accuracy of the rubber extruder in the production process.
Adaptabilité environnementale :
Rubber extruders are usually required to work in a variety of environments, including high temperature, high humidity, dust and other harsh environments. Permanent magnet motors have good environmental adaptability and can work stably in these harsh environments. Its compact structure and good sealing can effectively prevent dust and moisture from entering the inside of the motor, thus ensuring the normal operation of the motor.
Intelligent integration:
With the development of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, rubber extruders are also focusing more and more on intelligence and automation. Permanent magnet motors can be integrated with various sensors, control systems and intelligent devices to realize remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and automatic adjustment. This not only improves productivity and quality, but also reduces labor costs and operational difficulties.
Innovative applications:
In addition to traditional application areas, PM motors are also being promoted in some innovative rubber extruder applications. For example, some new rubber extruders use permanent magnet motor-driven screw and barrel systems for more efficient material conveying and mixing. In addition, some high-performance permanent magnet motors can also realize high-speed operation and quick start/stop functions, providing more possibilities for innovative rubber extruder applications.
Protection de l'environnement et développement durable :
With the global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, the rubber extruder industry is also actively exploring more environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods. As a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor products, permanent magnet motors help to reduce the energy consumption and emissions of rubber extruders and promote the green development of the rubber industry. At the same time, the long life and reliability of permanent magnet motors also help reduce waste generation and disposal costs.